I want to die laughing

I want to die laughing 

At the goofiest shit I’ve ever seen

Something that will make them think

She would go out like that

That’s so her

I want to die spent

My belly hurts from the giggling

I was overcome with cackles that my spleen burst

But then they might say

Was it the laughter that got her

Or was it the spleen?

I hear you don’t even need a spleen

But is mine what killed me?

I’m off topic..

I want to die exhausted

My muscles tight and strained, they’ve exerted all the energy I was allotted on this earth

I want to die well-loved

The candle I hold inside my heart burnt to its core

I want to die with shriveled and wrinkly skin

Spending so much time in the bubble bath of life that I’ve become a prune

I want to die dogeared with coffee stains

A little messy

I don’t want the death to be messy, actually

But the life 

And in death I’ll have made a beautiful mess of my life


Danielle McCarthy

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