She's a Bit Much (After Lyndsey Rush)

She's a Bit Much (After Lyndsey Rush)

She’s a bit much

Like when you find a sweater that flatters you so nicely, you decide to buy it in 3 colors

Like when you wake up to the entire world being covered in a thick layer of snow and you jump outside to make the first prints 

Is she a bit much because she expresses herself with big, bold colors and long dangly earrings even when it’s a regular day? 

Or maybe it’s the holiday decorations that are put up too early and left up too long?

Candles sitting on every surface and swapped out for the seasons?

Possibly you meant the little dance she does when her dinner is just too good?

Or the skip in her step when she walks in the rain, Always opening her mouth to catch raindrops.

Or the cackle that comes out of her mouth when she is caught off guard with something hilarious

If that’s what you meant, then she is a bit much. And I wish I was too.

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