Who's that Girl?

I'm so glad you're here. Thanks for being curious enough about who I am to click on this page. 

I'm a marketer by trade and education but I love to write silly little poems and design calendars. This page features my full list of art for sale and updates on my writing journey. I'm encouraged by the communities I create and I hope to one day hold space for other creators like myself to grow together. 

Current obsessions: only listening to different musical soundtracks when I workout, walking every aisle of the nearest Goodwill, homemade cold brew, snack plates

Current icks: vanilla cupcake scented candles, books without trigger warnings

Connect with me on Instagram or TikTok @dmccarthy620 or @its_All_In_The_Deetails

Email me at d.mccarthy620@gmail.com to talk wholesale opportunities, vending, your favorite thrift finds, or where I should run next.